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  1. — "TierenSSSS711" Age: 14

  2. 0micronpsy — "Omi / Micron" Age: 14


  3. 101sketzy101 — "sketzy" Age:

  4. 111nathan — "111" Age: 14

    I like helping people... haha

  5. 3faybros — "Mop" Age: 14

    I am ManOfPaper, lord and high ruler of all paper! Hail me and my queen... (unknown lol) I run a server my self, but i rather not advertise it here.

  6. 7241994 — "724, 7, numbers" Age: 16

  7. 88888bob — "Bob" Age: 14

    Hi, I'm Riley, known as 88888bob. I am 14 years old and going into grade 9. My birthday is December 16th. I love sports, biking, quading and snowmobiling. Feel free to ask me any questions, I usually visit the server every week or sometimes every day. So see you guys around. :)

  8. 8bitjoe — "8bit" Age:

  9. 99hapyslapy99 — "hapy" Age: 14

  10. aaronalvigi — "aa" Age: 14

    I am 14 I play mine craft a little bit I started when I was 12 I love to play paintball

  11. aaronjoles — "AJ" Age: 10

    I love waffles and jalapenos.

  12. adamsandler789 — "Kevin" Age: 14


  13. advisortw2 — "Advisor" Age:

  14. afkimble — "Afk" Age: 13

    I'm Alex, "Afk" Kimble. I'm 13, and live in Newtown Connecticut.

  15. aiden880 — "Aiden" Age: 16

    I like trains

  16. ajearo — "Trevor" Age: 15

    I am a moderator on a tekkit server, and i have a lot of experience of being staff from it, tekkit is the easiest to duplicate items in, hack, and grief in so it is very fun to catch griefers and those kinds of people. My job on that server was a non stop job because u were catching people left and right that u had no time to play your own on survival.

  17. ak2846 — "AK (Alex)" Age: 15


  18. ak9native0nate7 — "Nate" Age: 17

  19. akeller122798 — "TheQuantumLink" Age:

  20. akp2012 — "akp" Age: 13

  21. akunderdog — "Akunderdog" Age: 17

  22. alexander4132 — "Alex" Age: 15

    I am an introvert. I am not very fond of people but am good with them. I work at the American Academy of Martial Arts and have been training there for more than four years. My friends say that I am impartial, straight-forward, and a nice person overall. Sometimes I am playful and silly, but other times I am very serious and formal. I might be classified as a sociopath because often times I am impenitent when I break a rule and I almost never unwillingly get emotional.

  23. alexh0037 — "Alex or Ender" Age: 16

  24. alfredbenny — "LuNy" Age: 15

    I love to play games especially Minecraft. I also love sports!!

  25. algo160 — "A" Age:


  26. amir918910 — "Amir Pablo Gary Roy Ike Robin Kazuto Chrom Marth Wilson" Age:

  27. ancient123 — "persy" Age: 18

  28. andre3200 — "Andre" Age: 16

  29. andrewfu2381 — "Slime" Age: 13

    im 13 yoa and im learning pre calculus as sell as getting involved in mathcounts. I also do amc (americam math council) and I scored rank 11 in the entire school school for all grades for mathcounts. I get straight A's and im doing really well in school. im in the gifted program as well. and yes its the good type of gifted

  30. andrew_64_mc — "Andrew Andrewpw88 Andrew_64_MC" Age: 15

    I play a lot and will always help if you ask.

  31. aneneim — "Andrew" Age: 16

  32. angelzdemize — "angel" Age: 16

    Been with server for a good while I guess uhh I like to help people as much as I can and I will try to befriend everyone cuz that's just who I am hopefully I get to be the person I want to be

  33. anotherfahlman — "fahlman" Age:

  34. anthonyarturo — "Anthony" Age:

  35. antidreamer — "Anti" Age: 17

    Im just me! :D I am a 17 year old girl. I believe myself to be a great leader:D I love having friends and family by my side to make me stronger in life. I love drawing and doing creative stuff! I have a passion to make video games!:D My two favorite video games are Kingdom Hearts and Mine-craft! Kingdom Hearts is my LIFE!:D My favorite color is BLUE! I love stay up on a windy night and looking up at the stars.

  36. ara1205 — "people call me ara" Age:

  37. archasquirrel — "Squirrel, Stanley, LittleMite" Age: 14

    I'm a female player of minecraft (and other games) who thoroughly enjoys building big houses and Landscaping! I do draw quite a bunch (and on rare occasions animate) with a little bit of writing. My old account was "squirrelflight01" if you know me! :3

  38. arcticfox17 — "arctic" Age: 16

  39. ash1558 — "Ash" Age: 13

    I am an ordinary teenage boy, lazy, grouchy, but also fun from time to time. I usually come off a loud and annoying, with an unusual obsession with small rodents. I have 3 demanding brothers and am the most humble of all of them. Due to all the noise my little brothers make, I tend to spend most my time in my room, or more preferably out of the house.

  40. atomicorange — "Atomic" Age: 13


  41. atomicpiemaster — "Yanga" Age: 18

  42. attel21 — "Grey" Age: 18

    im Bord and just want to help i would love to be a mod or whatever

  43. automaticlygreat — "Auto or Bake (Baker is my name)" Age: 17

    Physics, Chemistry, and engineering are my thing.

  44. awesomeguy911 — "Awesome or AG911" Age: 15

    I'm 14 and have been playing minecraft since alpha. Huge fan of the server, but have not been on in a while.

  45. awesomeness965 — "awesomeness" Age: 13

    I'm advanced/gifted in all subjects. I am male. I like Minecraft ( Dark Helmet is my favorite server.) and playing outside. I am good with little kids, I have two sisters and one brother.

  46. axel_evert — "axel" Age: 18

    Um, firstly my name is Axel C. Evert. I am eighteen years old. I am a 2014 Graduate of high school, sorry no town will be said. I am currently majoring in mathematics and science. I have a big love of electronics even though I should know more, but I am learning. I know quite a bit about the game, its generation and its physics. I have a fairly good knowledge of redstone, I have built a few things in the past. I can be a bit of an annoyance at times, and if I am, I give my sincerest of apologies. I am a bit of a loner, so don't expect me to be the cheeriest guy in the world, or the most talkative. I do have a nature of "I don't like this and neither should you", and I am sorry for that too. If I correct your spelling, try and take no offense in it. I seriously can not stand misspelling. I am pretty hostile at times, so if I suddenly snap on you, sorry. Once I get talking, it can be a bit hard to get me to shut up, only in real life though I just don't like talking in a text chat so I normally would prefer a voice chat. Um, I can be a bit scatter-brained, so if you have me doing a job, and I hardly touch it, just remind me and I will get on it. I have a lot of builds in mind, I just never get the materials or the land to do them. I do not know very many mods, mods as in modifications to your client. I usually only use OptiFine for the increase in frames, and whatnot. However, I do play Feed the Beast. I use the Mind-crack mod pack at the moment, and I know a bit about the Lua commands for the turtles and computers, so I have automated quite a bit on that. I also like the BC and IC2 mods. I like RPG style games. The ones that you gain experience from fighting, then you can upgrade the stats of your choice, like World of Warcraft or Cube World. I do not currently play either game though. I also have played League of Legends in the past, also do not currently play that. I may be going to the military when I graduate, but I have a few more questions about the requirements for it. So that is still not a guarantee. If I would join. I would either be enlisting as basic Infantry. If people actually cared a lot about who I am I would have written this longer, but not too many people really care. If you got this far, then cookie for you. Signed Axel Evert.

  47. azuha — "Andy" Age: 14

    A boy.

  48. backboy67 — "~Cam" Age: 15

  49. backspace37 — "Backspace" Age: 14

    (Insert Emotive Story Here)

  50. baconator365 — "Bacon" Age: 16

    I like minecraft, but im not very skilled at commands, i only know how to use the basics.

  51. badassbrendan — "Brendan" Age: 16

  52. badasstobi — "Tobi" Age: 19

    I'm Kool

  53. baha47 — "baha or cody " Age: 16

    i love to work on certain tasks big or small....slowly working my way up..its amazing when you look back and see all that you have accomplished...

  54. barcodeman — "Bar" Age: 13

  55. barton2323 — "Bart" Age: 13

    a person who can build what hes told no argument

  56. bdstuff — "bd, bdstuff, Hydra" Age: 14

    I am an alternate account for Hydra24.

  57. belching_panda — "BP" Age:

    Im fun at the right time and serious at other times. I like helping ppl adventureing and just hang out. I love meating new people and help them find a resodent untill there trusted and i love life!

  58. bergerbeast — "Bergerbeast" Age: 19

  59. bestbuddy20011 — "Buddy" Age: 11

    Im a minecrafter who has been playing for atleast 2 years. I have played since 1.4.7

  60. bierlkyl000 — "Bier" Age: 13

    I'm ambitious. I am passionate about my dogs, football, school, lacrosse, etc. I have three westies (West highland white terriers) one of them Kody is a professional dog show dog he has gotten 1st in state and 2nd also. Leo is also known as the cutest dog in the world, Milo is very kind and nice and is scared of walking up the stairs. My favorite subject is math, yes I'm that guy. My favorite candy is Skittles. Food oh gosh that's hard I guess I like turkey Thanksgiving dinner. Favorite color is orange/blue/purple. I go to Hawaii every year I have been to every island except Molokai I have been to France, England, Canada, Greece, Italy, Spain, and more. I have four older brothers. Favorite TV show SNL/Community/Downton Abbey.

  61. binkersboy — "binkers" Age: 14


  62. bioraver — "BIO" Age: 18

  63. birchtree_style — "Ollie | Birchy" Age: 16

    I'm ollie2000 with a different account, simple as.

  64. bisquik_power — "bisquik" Age: 15

  65. bizarrdager — "Biz" Age:

  66. blu3d3vilmonk3y — "Wendy Hines" Age: 35

  67. bluehoods100 — "Blue" Age: 17

  68. bluewispa — "Blue" Age: 16

    I live in the UK, I play minecraft a lot, but I also run for my country in the 100m and 200m sprint im pretty fast for my age

  69. bluishpete — "Pete" Age: 16

    i love lamp

  70. bob5112 — "asdfasdfasdf" Age:


  71. bottichellio — "Bott" Age: 16

    Hello, I am bottichellio or bott for short. I am a sixteen year old who lives in Upstate New York. I am an average guy and I'm usually nice unless you give me a reason not to like you. I personally love to build in Minecraft. My builds usually look decent in my opinion. I hope to post some pictures of some of them on my account and maybe get some warps to them for people to criticize.

  72. bpeace_girl — "Peace" Age: 11

    I Like Peace signs :P. I like dogs also. I have played on darkhelmet only for a little bit but i will play more!

  73. bpwindz — "BP" Age:

  74. brandoncard — "Mr.Classic" Age: 15

    Well, I am a MAJOR sneakerhead/sneakerfanatic. I am Center Snare for the Highschool Drumline. I love photography, music, and helping people. Add me on Skype: brandon.card27. If you buy/sell/trade Sneakers. HMU on Instagram (@kidxtreasures) or on Kik (bequiet_brandon)

  75. brecken123 — "Brecken!" Age:

  76. brotherhood01 — "Brother" Age: 15

    I'm from East Coast United States, sophomore year of high school as of me writing this now. I'm a loser, so if I'm not at school or off doing some menial task, I'll be on the server. Sleep is included in the menial tasks exception.

  77. builder1035 — "builder" Age: 13

  78. buildingblake11 — "Blake, BuildingBlake, Troll" Age: 13

  79. bulby13 — "תומך המחיקה" Age: 3

  80. c0d3br3ak3r — "Nomaska" Age: 16

  81. carldahobo — "CarlDaHobo" Age: 14

  82. carolina1012003 — "carolina" Age: 16

    i live in North Carolina and i love it but i wish the weather was better.

  83. carterbeagle — "Carter" Age: 18

  84. castlekeepers — "Castle" Age: 10

  85. cbop1012 — "cbop1012" Age:

  86. celebiwolf — "Wolf" Age: 26

    I am a computer programmer and hardware (server) engineer. I script almost solely in python at the moment but i used to do C++. I have been married for 5 years and we are expecting our first child on august 31st 2014.

  87. charles_ranum — "Chuck" Age: 20

  88. chasmorox123 — "Chas" Age: 14

    Well, I LOVE this server. The BEST public server (besides my own) that I have been on.

  89. cheaterhd — "Alex" Age: 15

  90. chemoduck2 — "Master Overlord Ruler King Emporer Chemo" Age: 13

    I like eating pancakes at waffle house.

  91. cherryblossom4el — "Cherry or Ellie" Age: 15

    I'm fifteen and I like reading, playing on the computer and having fun.Normal teenager stuff.

  92. chickenbuttz — "chicken" Age: 21

  93. chompchu — "Chu" Age:

  94. choopcoop — "Choop" Age:

    I am a ninja. Don't mess with me.

  95. chris13578 — "Chris" Age: 15

    Hello, Everybody! My name is Christian I prefer if you call me Chris though. ^.^ I'm 15 years old. I am home schooled. I do have many other games then Minecraft, most games I have are either from Steam or the Xbox360. I recently came from another Minecraft server that started changing in many ways and growing to fast I like a small community so I feel DHMC fits me right ^.^

  96. cimslunt — "Cim" Age: 24

    24, 2Kids, Single Parent From UK

  97. ciskantor03 — "Cisk" Age: 14

  98. ckrunkez — "CK or Chris or CKEternalFlame" Age: 16

    I'm a junior in high school. I'm not one for exposition on myself but... Whatever. I recently started on the path to Cisco certification, so Comp hardware repair and maintenance. I'm an equalitist. What that means is that my belief is that everyone should be treated fairly regardless of who they are or where the come from. That being said, I do play an Xbox and not a Playstation, and that's because I'm poor. I also enjoy geology, art, and architecture. Minecraft is a good outlet for me because I like to build. I also enjoy helping people out and try my hardest to show good character in social situations. You may see my saying things that might be off color or not necessarily a normal thing to say, but I never mean anything by it because I think being playful with people is an important part of socialization. I never mean to offend and if I offend you, please let me know so I know to be more sensitive to you and your wishes.

  99. coca333 — "coca" Age: :D

    i am a person from USA (most likely says somewhere over there) and i play many games Minecraft, Starcraft, Warcraft, SHK (stronghold kingdoms), and a few others. (i do not pick things because they have "craft" at the end although i am amused that it looks like that)

  100. coddefender1 — "kezzadog" Age:

  101. colinawesome — "creeperking51" Age: 13

    I am a major gamer, mainly a Minecraft one. I have been on DarkHelmet since August 12 of 2012, and played Minecraft since September of 2011. I am also a brony. If you don't know what a brony is, look it up. :D

  102. colt324 — "Colt324" Age: 14

  103. compfly — "Compfly" Age: 18

  104. convenantelite36 — "James" Age: ?

    Play soccer a lot Like minecraft

  105. coolconnor44 — "Connor" Age: 15

    My name is Connor I enjoy playing Minecraft very much but I am also a sports fanatic of football and soccer.

  106. coolgman — "Gman" Age: 14

    I'm a decent finnish player and I propably have played 1 fourth of my life. Gaming is the thing I do. I'm alot more mature than others of my ages, and I like to play with people that behave well and play better than average.

  107. cooliotech12 — "Coolio" Age: 15

    I like Minecraft, Call of duty, Battlefield and The Last Of Us.

  108. coolmanbob — "Bob/coolman/coollassbrend/Boooooooooobra" Age: 15

  109. cp_thor3rd — "cp" Age: 17

    i am cp_thor3rd and i've played minecraft for about 3 years now.

  110. crazydude5 — "Crazydude5" Age: 14

    I am a major Fanboy (Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), Fullmetal Alchemist, you name it, I am most likely in it), I skate, I am a major gamer. That is basically it.

  111. creator2001 — "Creator" Age:

  112. creepershurtyou — "Alex" Age: 16

  113. creepychic — "Flutter" Age: 15

  114. crowseyes — "David, any variation of my username(have fun)" Age: 22

    I have PTSD, but as long as I feel respected, I'm extremely laid back. Learning something new every day, and follow certain mantras. "I love you, as I do all life" is my favorite. Fairly open, but reserved, ask and ye shall receive.

  115. ctenorella — "ctenorella" Age: 15

    i am a mine crafter involved in monuments & mayhem i have played on there server for a year or more. i like gaming as well as cars i own a 1963 dodge dart GT. i like upgrading my computer to make it faster, stronger, and smarter. i like music such as rock&roll some country a few dubstep songs and much more ^-^. i like hanging with friends in game and in real life because that is the best thing to get to know your friends better.

  116. ctrlshiftesc — "Ctrl" Age: 16

  117. cxmmy14 — "Cammy" Age: 13

    I like to eat KFC 24/7 it's my job.

  118. d0lly — "Dolly" Age: 26

  119. dacleos — "Dacleos, Dac, mad" Age:

  120. daemov — "Daemov or Dae" Age: 16

    Basketball, Minecraft, and Dubstep.

  121. damien779 — "Damien" Age:

  122. damushrooman — "shroom" Age: 13

    I'm a young Minecraft enthusiast who loves this server. And i'm Single *wink wink*.

  123. dancergirl1682 — "rae-rae or rae" Age:

    I love to dance, i went to nationals. I have been dancing for 8 years now and I love to read.

  124. darkassassin825 — "Dark" Age: 13

    Well I am just your everyday guy I play Xbox, minecraft, and watch TV. I am also really good at math. Plus I do a bit of freerunning if I get the chance to.

  125. darkhorde556 — "Zach" Age: 17

    I am a nice thoughtful person who is here to have lots of fun without doing anything stupid like griefing or swearing my head off all i do is be polite and help out my fellow members who need my help

  126. darkio123 — "darkio123" Age: 14

  127. darklava15 — "Dark" Age: 15

    I don't really know what to type so... sorry.

  128. darkskullcrusher — "Jeroen or DarkSk" Age: 15

  129. darkvikinglord — "jacob" Age: 16

    i play alot of games and i cant wait for all the amazing things that await us on DHMC

  130. darkzlade — "Dark" Age: 13

    I am a hard working minecraftian with leadership skills better than a Herobrine!

  131. darlenaaa — "Darlena" Age:

  132. davidfire1332 — "David" Age: 15

  133. deedoe1 — "Dee" Age: 13

    I live in Australia, love my sport, food and my friends/family

  134. dekaida — "Leo" Age: 29

    I like adventure games, I am new to MC servers and completely oblivious to chats, and not due to any intention or effort. So I don't talk much whether I want to or not, ha ha ha! :p I like building things and I like taking my time, and I like to be able to keep things. I like to talk, but as I said above I am oblivious to the chat window by nature, not out of intent. I work 7 days a week so I don't have much time. I'm easy going, and I generally like to help people.

  135. deltaboiy — "Delta" Age: 13

    Im a normal kid from Stuart Florida, I travel alot, and I love playing video games!

  136. deltawolf42098 — "Wolf" Age: 15

    Mostly love BUILDING! Huge massive, Modern buildings! Or mansions

  137. derf57911 — "derf" Age: 15

  138. deusdominor — "deus" Age: 25

    I've been playing videogames for over 20 years and I have no intention of stopping

  139. devoutsnake — "travis" Age:

  140. dfirehawkc — "Dfire" Age: 32

    I'm married to a wonderful woman. I am almost finished with my Master's degree and plan on going into ministry with it as a pastor. I love games especially minecraft and think DHMC is a great server. Good job Viv!

  141. dfontaine5 — "dfontaine5" Age: 14

    Im a nice person

  142. diego75547 — "Diego" Age: 13

  143. diredemon578 — "Demon" Age: 16

    well im english cool popular at school not a bully and like games and movies.

  144. djderek — "Dj" Age: 15

  145. djspeed13 — "jd" Age: 14

    rather not for privisy reasons

  146. dn248 — "Dn " Age: 14

    So, not really sure what to say here. All I want to do is play tennis all day, and maybe some day become a pro. I really like drawing, I have been drawing since I was 2 or 3. I don't like painting as much but when I have a pencil in my hand I can draw anything. I'm very interested in cars and I know most things about them. I know mostly more about cars that are not from America. For example, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, etc. But tennis will always be my love.

  147. docvannostrand — "Doc" Age: 16

  148. dodo_jodo — "Dodo" Age: 15

    I play tennis, I like playing PS3 (Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3 mainly), Minecraft of course, I like using airsoft guns. Favorite theme park- Universal Studious.

  149. dogesuchwow — "Doge" Age: 14

  150. doglover2319 — "Dog" Age:

  151. dolly007 — "Dolly" Age: 26

  152. drac17 — "David" Age:

  153. dradshire97 — "Drad" Age: 15


  154. dragon45121 — "Mitch" Age: 13

  155. drakeamaaiden — "Drakey" Age: 18

    Well fresh out of school, start college next fall going in for culinary school, and taking bio-engineering on the side < that's gonna be exciting. out on my own just chilling and enjoy life and all its greatness. Owner of a server now Admin on another enjoy helping new players to minecraft and helping them learn to play, best game ever lol

  156. drastikos — "Drastikos" Age:

    The melon be with you.

  157. drewbuckeye — "Drew" Age: 15

    I've been playing Minecraft for about 3 years on all three platforms (PE PC CONSOLE).

  158. drfizzman123 — "Fizz, Drfizz, etc." Age: 14

  159. drredstonecreep — "Dr" Age: 11

  160. dtruth333 — "Dtruth" Age:

  161. duckweed6 — "Duck" Age: 15

  162. dunepig — "DUNE" Age: 11

  163. dunepig1 — "Dune" Age: 12

    I live in Australia on a farm and I love vive so much and I like minecraft and motorbikes

  164. eaglebros188 — "Eagle / Egg / Jeff / Jaff" Age: 14

    Lol, updating time. I am 14 and love Taylor Swift with a passion. I love Dance Moms and enjoy eating Reese's Puffs. I also love building. But that's it for me for a while.

  165. ebarnett — "Ebarn" Age: 14

  166. eclipsedninja — "Eclipse" Age:

  167. ecroboto — "Ec" Age: 15

  168. electricjimmy23 — "~Electric :D" Age:

    Apart from minecraft, I play ALOT of soccer/football

  169. epicness232 — "Epicness232" Age: 18

    I live in the United States in Washington. It rains a lot there. I like a lot of things, but especially pie. Pie is yummy. Without pie, the world probably would have ended because pie wasn't here to protect us from the 2012 disaster. That's right- we would've died without pie. So thank pie by eating it. Its the least you could do. *Personal Note- I have ADHD. If you don't know what that is, you can ask Siri for all I care. You're the one with the internet!

  170. eric9999 — "Erik" Age: 16

    My name is Eric (I personally like it being spell "Erik" i was born November 20th 1997 in Canada AB I love to play on my PS3 on PSN I love to play Minecraft (on DHMC and Singleplayer) and i play Team Fortress 2 On steam my steam name is eric59281 and i love to hang with firends when i can :) I have also been happily engaged to my high school sweet heart for the last 2 months now (Abigail) and we have been together for the last 2

  171. erick1997horn — "Erick" Age: 17

    Hi.. My name is Jake *Hi Jake* and im an al.. erm.. i play Minecraft

  172. estellamc — "Stella" Age: 16

    I am Stella! (eSTELLAmc) I am bubbly, outgoing, and a huge DHMC fan! I love hanging out with my friends and mining. I also like helping others and being a leader to those who are new.

  173. ethan20011213 — "Ethan " Age: 12

  174. exziooo — "Exz" Age: 18

  175. eyeballcabbage — "just_pigs" Age: 15

    i am a Wisconsin child my dad is Swedish and my mom is u.s.a i do not like annoying people even tho i am one two i love to help others.

  176. eyevinx — "eyevinx" Age: 20

  177. facebob — "face" Age: 14

  178. faceoff101 — "Faceoff101" Age: 12

  179. failcowfail — "failcow" Age: 12

    I like playing Minecraft, but even more, I like playing music and helping friends in need. I'm also a strong believer in God, and every once in awhile I'll even get into a mac vs pc war. :D Mac

  180. fattymatt — "fatty" Age: 14

  181. fireballred12 — "Joey" Age: 12

    I play football and basketball. Also my favorite game is Minecraft.

  182. flipper02 — "Flipper" Age: 15

    I play hockey and lacrosse and I enjoy PC gaming.

  183. flores10859 — "Flores" Age: 15

  184. flowercat098 — "flower" Age:

  185. flutterby00 — "Flutter" Age: 15

  186. forestfur — "Forest" Age:

    I have two brothers, both of which play MineCraft and have been banned on DHMC. My older brother, Freest135 ("Freest"), is usually quite popular in the servers he plays on, though my younger brother, Xxx4554551NxxX ("Assassin"), is an immature griefer. I can guarantee that I will do whatever I can to not get banned, and will prove that I am a different human than Freest and Assassin if needed. I am a fan of Japanese anime, the mcMMO plugin, the MagicSpells plugin, cookies, and of Martial Arts. I am extremely bothered by griefers, and therefore seek the power to impede them in every way possible. I am female, but people tend not to realize this until they are told so. However, that doesn't bother me, unless people begin to think of me as an MC crush. *Especially* if they are girls. And yes, I'm rather anti-social, but I enjoy being there when important events are going on.

  187. frank99123 — "frank" Age:

    Im a helpful guy who loves to help people. recently i have built mob traps

  188. ftwinning — "FTW" Age: 28

    I'm an Army veteran that's finishing up college. I have Co-Owned a server for nearly 10 months total in the past 18 months; the server is no longer running unfortunately. I have experience installing minecraft plugins, configuring them, FTP managing, and hundreds of hours as Co-Owner rank.

  189. fubbash — "Fubbash" Age: 23

    I love games.

  190. fuzmaster13 — "Fuz/Fuzzy" Age: 14

    Well, I am a fourteen year old person who enjoys trolling, but also being mature and getting along. I'm fairly easy to talk with, although I can be shy (mostly just in real life though) I enjoy minecraft, and some other games like zelda and what not.

  191. gabygamez1056 — "Gabs" Age: 14

    I'm Nice My BFF that's like my sister is aWolfi AKA Angel I write Wattpad stories and i love to play Minecraft and Call of duty! Soo Yeah Chat with yahz! Later

  192. gaelen1227 — "gaelen" Age:

  193. gamingguy679 — "gaming" Age: 12

    hello everyone this is gaming I love dhmc and soon hope to improvee dhmc I love helping people and hope to be a mod

  194. gatorguy367 — "Jsut Oyu" Age: 14

    I like food....

  195. gavin1219 — "Gavin" Age: 0

    I'm a thing in a place.

  196. ghost45198 — "Ghost" Age:

    I love budder.

  197. ghuiby12h — "Greg or Ghuiby thats fine" Age: 15

    I'm not exactly average... I lived in France the last year, born in England, can speak French pretty well, I play soccer and tennis (and Mincraft of course). I play the Tenor Saxophone and I love DHMC

  198. godzillamikey — "Michael" Age: 14

  199. goldenonyx — "Gold, but Onyx or GoldenOnyx is ok" Age:

  200. gold_fish1 — "Gold_fish1" Age:

  201. gorgon019 — "Koala" Age: 15

    Nothing really much to know.

  202. grifdexter — "Grif." Age:

  203. guylawrence — "Laurence" Age: 16

  204. hack4computer — "Sigon" Age: 13

    well i love video games and God i do after effects and photoshop and youtube

  205. hackedx2 — "hacked" Age: 15

    I'm very anti-grief/hack. I also don't ever do pvp

  206. hakker2 — "hakk" Age: 13

    I'm from Houston,Texas and live in the Milky Way Galaxy.

  207. hallieurock1 — "Hallie" Age: 13

    Im a fun girl who loves music my favorite band is a boyband called One Direction , i love playing video games and hanging out

  208. happy_meal_007 — "Happy" Age: 15

    I am a good leader, helper, and employee.

  209. hawkeye759 — "hawk" Age: 14

    I love three things in life: music, cars, and my girlfriend savanna

  210. hdimmortal — "HDI" Age: 15

    Yea dota 2 swag

  211. henselke — "Henselke" Age: 26

  212. hertears — "Tears" Age: 18

  213. hiddlestuck — "Hiddle" Age: 20

    *wheezes* forgets that mostly everyone who plays minecraft is really young, but also glad I'm not the only adult on here. Sad, unemployed adult.

  214. hippygandalfman — "Hippy" Age: 16

  215. historica — "Historica" Age: 17

    Always on IRC

  216. hogwashhh — "Grundle" Age: F

    You're headed to the NORTHERN WASTES. Beware the dreaded MOME BEASTS. Nicolas Cage is my spirit animal I would like to be called Hog The Rad Dude Who Eviscerates All Who Speak The Word "Gobo" but the input thing says its too long

  217. hrad1999 — "Hrad" Age:

  218. hydra24 — "Hydra" Age: 15

    Just a regular old Minecraft player. Like economy servers and survival.

  219. iamdeath123 — "iamTroll" Age: 69

    The beginning of the end. Fear me. I escape the teamspeak bans. You should tremble when you hear my name, and bow to me.

  220. ibeanthonyd — "Anthony" Age: 18

  221. icedfire101 — "Iced" Age: 16

  222. ichheissebrybry — "BryBry" Age: 17

    I swim and play waterpolo for my highschool. I enjoy messing around on my computer, playing lots of games, not just minecraft. I enjoy most foods, except I am not a fan of seafood.

  223. ickyacky — "Icky, Anzhi" Age: 25

  224. illerias — "Illerias, bottichellio, bott" Age: 17

  225. imyourshoe — "shoe" Age: 13

  226. infinityminer27 — "infinity" Age: 15

  227. inicknack — "Nick" Age: 17

  228. ironstorm14 — "iron" Age: 17

  229. izthulu — "Izzy" Age: 17

    I'm a brony, beginning music producer, speedcuber, and gamer. I'm online daily, except when life interferes, which is uncommon. I have an intermediate/advanced knowledge of redstone.

  230. jackd223 — "Jack" Age: 14

  231. jadenamos — "Jaden" Age: 13

  232. jakepj4444 — "Jake" Age: 14

  233. jakob306 — "Jakob or Obi" Age: 15

    Im bi and male, and helpful and try to have open jobs for people who need money. #Don't Grief

  234. james123443 — "James" Age: 16

  235. james14198 — "James14198 or James (but not Jammie)" Age: 15

    15 year old from England. Keen musician and Co-presenter/Co-producer of a new Youtube channel with my best friend.

  236. james26769 — "James" Age: 14

    youtuber, game player, lol, part of a network on YouTube

  237. jared_clark — "JRod" Age: 12

    I totally LOVE Minecraft. I could play it for my life. Im so glad I found this server. It's the best EVER!!

  238. jasonbbb711 — "nason" Age: 13

    I'm Daniel Barnes, but I'm mostly known as zippy120 or nasonfish, and sometimes jasonbbb711 online. Ever since I joined DHMC, I've had a great time, learning about programming and hanging out with the community. I've had a great time and I loved every moment of it, so thanks everyone.

  239. jawa_pewpew — "JahWaaah" Age: 25

    My name is Olly and i have been playing Minecraft since Alpha :) I am quite the Redstoner and will happily help anyone on the server if they need help :) I live on the Isle of Wight which is a small island hanging off the bottom of England :) I Enjoy playing Minecraft among other games such as Diablo and Starcraft :D

  240. jaymate96 — "Jay" Age: 17

  241. jeb180 — "Jeb" Age: 21

    I'm a bit of a nut about Minecraft, to the point that I build models of upcoming projects on Google Sketchup. I dislike pointless tasks such as farming materials, so I usually build machines to farm animals and collect resources. That or just hire some labour to do it for me. I lead a surprisingly active lifestyle, working as a swimming instructor at the local Red Cross station in Houston. I am usually a friendly guy, except when it comes to conversations that seem to go in circles without concluding. In the words of George Carlin, "I have a very low tollerance for stupid bullsh*t." Most of my peers view me as a very quiet guy, but working at the Red Cross helps me work out my Cajun side of the family, 'nough said. I have big plans for working on the server, which still remains to be the best I have ever worked on.

  242. jerico32 — "Night" Age: 22

  243. jjdragon117 — "jjdragon117" Age: 13

    I love Dark Helmet it is the best server there is in my strong Opinion. My name is Cole and on my free time this is what I do. I was introduced to the server by my friend Riley (88888bob) He has been a great help. I live in canada Alberta, and love skiing.

  244. jkim13 — "jkim13" Age: 14

    I'm a MC player who has been playing for a while. I like economy servers, and dont like PvP. I am a friendly player, who treats others nicely. I don't grief, and like to build. Thats pretty much it.

  245. jl1108 — "JL" Age:

    I do da stuff.

  246. johnrocker237 — "John" Age:

  247. jonstevenson — "Damien" Age: 15

  248. jordyn2012 — "Jordyn, Jordy, Jo, etc." Age:

    I LOVE Minecraft. It's the very thing I dream about every night. At school or in public, I'm usually the only girl not walking with the crowd or really talking to anyone. I make good grades and have a lot of friends, but they just aren't at the same level of maturity that I am. They will throw french fries and chicken nuggets at each other during lunch, and I will just sit there reading a book, quietly eating my food. (I also love to read :D) However, when I come home and play Minecraft it's an entirely different story. I can play with other people and have fun building and surviving in a game. I can help other players if they need it. I can protect a Minecraft server I love so much from rule breakers. I don't have to hide in the shadows anymore or shy away from other people. I can just be myself.

  249. jpdukes11 — "dragon" Age: 15

    Well i like video games, im a frequent minecraft player, some days im only on for an hour others im on for awhile, depends on what i've got going on. I dont usually play after 830, sometimes 8. Other times ill play till 10. So im usually never on in the morning.

  250. jshap3530 — "Jacob" Age:

  251. jstewart405 — "jstew" Age: 29

  252. jswessler — "JSW JS Jon" Age: 9

    i like chicken pot pie. I have no pets and no brothers or sisters and i live with my mom and dad.

  253. juniper210 — "Tyler" Age: 10

    My name is Tyler, and I am a young animator that works for a company called Cabunga. I post those videos I make to a website. In my free time, I play Minecraft, chill, or hang out with my friends.

  254. kago_yuuko — "Kago" Age: 19

    Name's Kristin ^-^ I'm 19, born February 23, 1994. Video game addict, mainly PC, though I do play handhelds and consoles~ Minecraft addict~ Donator for Wildcraft server ( if you need to verify) - trusted member, quite popular~ ^-^ Took a long break, so not quite used to all the updates yet~ Super friendly~~~~

  255. kalonie — "Kal" Age: 17

    I'm Incredibly shy In My Non-Internet Life and suffer from ADD , Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Bad Depression, And Short term Memory loss. And i'm Only 17.. ------------------------ Creative is my favored game mode because I like making smite 5 sticks and fire aspect cakes. the cake is a flaming lie. ------------------------- I Love drawing but have trouble getting inspiration. I would love to draw You something! Just ask! If i'm unable to do It, for what ever reason, i will tell you. ------------------------- I'm A trust worthy Friend If you take the time to know me. My sense of Humor and social awkwardness has caused me to lose many friends. Most things i say, if they offend you, I do not Mean. To Me they are harmless but to some people they find it mean, unnecessary, rude, or just plain mood breaking. If i Say something that offends you or another player please Understand i Don't mean any harm. ------------------------- I only wish to be accepted, and love to build and mine.

  256. kappafools — "Kappa" Age: 14

  257. katieontoast — "Katie" Age: 11

    Well i love minecraft so i looked up a minecraftsever listing and found Darkhelmet sooo i thought why not give if a try and i am glad i did :D

  258. kelario — "Kel" Age: 12

    Random kid who plays too many video games and drinks too much Coke. I also know basic Ruby and HTML.

  259. keskes88 — "kes" Age: 17

    i like makeing friends on servers because i like to help people out with what there doing! i like building really big buildings for no reason and when im done with one i start something ells when i start something like a server i devote alot of time to the server and if i can i love to donate.

  260. kevj99 — "K.C" Age: 16

    I was born in Toronto, Canada. I am currently living in a foster home in Florida. I was held back a few years in school and currently am in the 9th grade. I love cake, ice cream, basically any food, and lacrosse.

  261. kiaragreen12 — "Kiara" Age:

  262. kimchilover — "Hannah" Age: 14

  263. kingjackolantern — "Jack" Age: 29

  264. kithsom — "Kith" Age: 20

  265. kitster98 — "Kit" Age: 16

    I like to play Minecraft alot. I have had Minecraft for 2 years and have been playing ever since!

  266. kittywittimeow — "Kitty" Age: 11

  267. kit_kat_kiro — "Kit " Age: 16

    I like to draw and i like to be with all of my friends. I play video games almost all the time.

  268. kkperkins — "kk" Age: 14

    ummm well hi my names stephanney im 14 years old and I am in modeling school so yah thanks :D

  269. kkwazhere — "kk" Age: no

    I like art c:

  270. kmikeyy23 — "kmikeyy" Age:

  271. knsk13 — "Knsk" Age: 14

  272. kocopuff — "Kocopuff" Age:

  273. kodster80 — "kodster" Age: 12

    i love sports, play footbal basketball baseball. I love playing minecraft.

  274. kris_miner — "kris" Age: 29

    I'm a hard working, fun loving, sporty kinda man. Who love his job and life.So lucky to have found a server that makes me want to come home !

  275. kusuriwhite — "Brandon" Age: 15

    i am a gaming freak with a thirst for computers

  276. kyo188 — "Kyo" Age: 14

    I like building and having fun with friends.

  277. ladzboy65 — "Ladz" Age: 14

  278. landry778 — "landry" Age: 13

    my friend is eyeballcabbage I know him in real life I've been playing minecraft for just about a year now I'm best in fighting and redstoning (in minecraft)

  279. lara_croft_13 — "Lara" Age: 14

    My favorite video is tomb raider and I also like playing Minecraft.

  280. lava_king97 — "Lava king" Age: 12

    I am an ambitious and creative minecraft player and i love coming up with ideas for new structures. I enjoy strip-mining, exploring and farming.

  281. lazerbacon766 — "Lazer" Age: 14

    dubstep producer, play soccer, life goals: 1. laugh for 24 hrs to get a 6 pack 2. go to new zealand check mah music :

  282. leafyminer — "Leafy" Age: 18

  283. leepmc — "Lee" Age: 16

    I am a minecrafter (of course) I am deeply into redstone and programming inside of minecraft and outside, currently learning java, so happy about it, I love making farms in minecraft

  284. legonick8989 — "Legonick8989" Age: 10

    im a person who can mine all day

  285. lentils — "len" Age: 14

    i'm a tall brown haired white 14 year old kid who loves playing minecraft I also have a good understanding of politics also i'm aboriginal and English.

  286. lesserman3237 — "rYx0" Age: 15

  287. lexigall1234 — "Lexi" Age: 14

    My name is Alexis, but everyone calls me Lexi. My favorite minecraft item is a cookie, and I am hoping they add bacon. I don't know why, it just seems like that would be a cool thing to add. My best friend is golditto, and I am a mythical player on DHMC. DHMC is probably my favorite server, of all time. I have been playing for over a year, and everyone is so nice :)

  288. limekitteh — "lime, limeh, limekitteh, Katie" Age: 14

    I am a 14 year old homeschooler, currently living in the state of Georgia, United States of America. I have 2 puppies, Shi Poos (Shi Tzu & Poodle mixes) They are both boys, named Bojangles (a.k.a- Bo, Bobo, Luff-er-butt, 'lil monster, Doof'n'smertz....) and Benji (Benj, Benben, Babe, Fluff-er-butt...) My birthday is March 10, 1998. So I'll be 15 come March! Woot~ Hmm, I'm creative, random, crazy, cheerful, friendly, helpful, derpy, goofy.. I make mistakes, miss obvious things and I totally love making friends! I dislike fighting, and can be found being a peacemaker and trying to sort the fight out nicely. I'm that girl who steps in all 'Hold up guys. Calm down. Let's talk it out. What happened?' ^u^ --More to be added~

  289. limitedfusion — "Matt" Age: 14

    I live in Texas, going into my freshmen year of high school, and play in my school band.

  290. lincroft — "Linc" Age: 16

    just wanna connect... someone read me forum

  291. linkindorf123 — "Linkin" Age: 15

    I like basketball, football, track and gaming I have a PS3 but rarely play it, you could ask for my account if you want to add me

  292. litiare — "Alex" Age: 15

  293. littlebritton123 — "GOAT" Age: 16

    Im a 16 year old boy from England. I hope to make mods for Minecraft someday as am doing computer science. Bronys unite!

  294. littledwarfer — "Little" Age:

  295. littlemonsters — "Little" Age: 14

  296. lockon55 — "Locky" Age: 17

  297. lokegustafsson — "loke" Age: 12

  298. lolwut115 — "lolwut" Age: 13

    ... Well i play minecraft.

  299. lucrezia_clay — "Luc" Age: 11

    I am a girl.

  300. luigibroftw — "Max" Age: 15

  301. luke99881122 — "luke" Age: 14

  302. m6oe4predator — "predator" Age: 15

    i have a tekkit server im on my computer evrey day mostly playing minecraft

  303. macbook_guy — "KingMAC" Age:

  304. madraptor22 — "mad" Age:

  305. mafoan — "Maf" Age:

    My name... is Mafoan.

  306. magicpegin — "Penguin" Age: 15

    I am 15, born October 12th, 1997. I love minecraft and soccer. I have been looking for a good server and this fits exactly what I am looking for.

  307. magicraisinets — "Trenton" Age: 15

  308. magikarps_roar — "Magikarp Splash " Age: 13

  309. magmasaber — "Magma, MagmaSaber" Age: ?

    I play video games. And Minecraft.

  310. mahdavi — "Mahdavi" Age: 13

    I like helping people, and building things with my friends.

  311. makboy171 — "Mak" Age: 13

    I am an 8th grader living in Michigan. My interests (other than minecraft) include archery, karate and iaido. I am also fascinated by animals and have several pets such as dogs, a guinea pig and geckos.

  312. maltshake920 — "maltshake" Age: 14

  313. manofpaper — "Mop" Age: 15

  314. marcochoi1003 — "Andy" Age: 17

  315. marioman0803 — "Call me mario" Age:

    I like minecraft and TF2. I also like the elder scrolls seris.

  316. marksky345 — "Mark" Age: 12

  317. masonx3 — "X3" Age:

    I am very kind and obey all server rules. I am a staff member on 4 or 5 servers 1 of them is griefing and all the rest are normal (I dont grief). I have my own Server.

  318. massacregames — "massacre" Age: 14

  319. mastercrafter011 — "Master" Age:


  320. masterlink89 — "pb, Marcos, link" Age: 13

    I live in California i have a husky named sapphire :D i have a skype: Masterlink831.

  321. masuergames — "masuer" Age: 13

  322. matchaos27 — "Mat" Age:

    I love sports and video games. My favorite food is steak. My favorite sport is football.

  323. math321 — "Josh, Joshua, or Math" Age: 17

  324. mathematickid4 — "Math" Age: 15

  325. matthewraygun — "matthewRAYGUN" Age: 40

  326. maxsaint15 — "Max" Age: 13

    I play baseball basketball and tennis. And I am going to 8th grade after this summer and I like to play minecraft with my friends.

  327. mcfspark — "mcf,spark,mcfspark" Age: 16

    I'm a avid minercraft player, with over 800 hours on DHMC, I love interacting with players,and having a fun time. I love to build and mine.

  328. mdubs123 — "md or mdubs" Age: 14

    I like to strait up mine and try to help out players as much as I can.

  329. meatbuba — "Meat" Age:

  330. meeppeep13 — "Meep" Age:

  331. megaloco — "Mega, Mike" Age: 25

    Im 25 years old, and from Jacksonville, FL. I love playing one of my 5 guitars, soccer, tennis, football, and video games. My wife (MikesCandy) and I are celebrating a year of Marriage this August (2012) and love playing Minecraft together!

  332. menyyearsago — "Meny" Age: 12

    Normal Guy.

  333. mesa_jones — "Mesa_Jones" Age: 15

    I love minecraft especially the technical side

  334. miceli9898 — "Miceli, Bart, or Tolo" Age: 15

    Im a guy from Connecticut who likes to bull ride and skateboard, thats basically it.

  335. minecraft_rogue — "MCR" Age:

    Okay :D

  336. miner476 — "miner476" Age: 16

    I'm a coder, miner, and gamer! I like Minecraft and DarkHelmet!

  337. miningfoo — "Foo" Age: 41

  338. mislead_gamer — "luke" Age: 14


  339. mmfootball927 — "mm" Age:

    55th member of Dark Helmet. Purchased game during alpha.

  340. mochapuppy1 — "Mocha" Age: 14

  341. mohawkguy360 — "Hawk, Mohawk, Mo, Moho, Mohawkguy" Age:

    I am an avid Minecraft player. but I enjoy most video games. I run my own server, but go on different servers to get a break every once in a while. I have basic knowledge in Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

  342. monk3yman13 — "monk3y" Age: 15

    I love playing soccer and lots of other sports and playing minecraft.

  343. monste142 — "monste" Age: 15

  344. monsterxhalo — "Cory" Age: 16

    Just a regular guy that likes everybody unless you give me a reason to not like you.

  345. monstor5760 — "Jake" Age: 13

  346. monydew — "mony" Age: 12

  347. morelina — "Morel" Age: 14

    I am a minecraft fan I always play Dark Helmet its so fun.

  348. moreorepleez — "MoreOre" Age: 18

  349. mrjarakar — "Jar" Age: 13

  350. mrmikeman2 — "Mike" Age: 15

    A very old player of DHMC. Still playing strong, but I'm an entirely different person than I was a while ago.

  351. mrwhisker23 — "Whisker" Age: 13

  352. mrzookeeni — "mrzookeeni" Age: 31

  353. mshamim2012 — "mshamim2012" Age:

  354. mtothepowerofl — "Mto" Age: 13

  355. myusername22 — "please call me either user or Mun" Age: 18

    only human.

  356. m_blaser — "Blaser" Age: 19

  357. n0fear10 — "N0fear10" Age: 15

    i'm a builder, love red stone and pixel art! but most of all large sculpture; like building (hotels and cities). I can stop my designing with details!

  358. nanonator102 — "Nano" Age: 13

  359. napalm1 — "nap" Age: 14

    I do stuff, generally pertaining to stuff. And broccoli.

  360. nasonfish — "nasonfish" Age:

  361. nat10000 — "Nick" Age: 16

    I am a Junior in High School who plans on finding a job in computer services as a software or hardware designer, and am considering joining the military and attempting to be a robotics specialist. I am a Blue/Green belt in Shaolin Kempo and enjoy Mathematics. Wierd, I know... ;-)

  362. natman93 — "Nathan" Age: 19

    Hmmm. Well to start with I'm English and proud to be! (Despite how we lose everything and our weather is crap XD) I've just finished my 3rd year of college learning about catering and I specialised in Pastries and Desserts this past year. I also enjoy tinkering with computers and playing with coding (not quite as seriously as Viveleroi and Jasonbbb711 though ;D) I enjoy archery (but prefer to use a crossbow, my current crossbow has 180lb draw strength... Hellz yeh) Well run out of stuff to say now... so if you want to find out more just send me a message in-game, on IRC or see if Vive will do comments on players pages ;)

  363. nator595 — "Nator" Age: 24

    I am a redneck who loves work, firearms, my two adorable german sheperds, and my family!

  364. nehocbelac — "Caleb" Age: 16

  365. nforce297 — "nforce" Age:

  366. nicholasfoxden — "Foxden" Age: 17

    I have like an obsession with music. I try to find a song or instrumental for every occasion, I feel that it helps me enjoy it better. Besides that, I love playing Video Games, Programming, Animals, and just generally high-heartrate activities, like Airsoft, Parkour, etc.

  367. nick39697 — "nick" Age:

  368. nicko6738 — "Nicko" Age:

    dhmc is beast.

  369. nickogonian11 — "Nicko" Age:

    Names Danger! Nick Danger! I like cheesedogs, playing bongos when you have no experience in playing bongos, trolling my friends, making cheesy jokes and Minecraft! And lots of other stuff.

  370. nicolesam2002 — "Nicole" Age:

  371. nightofmardrom — "Brady" Age: 20

  372. ninjaturtle103 — "Tmnt" Age: 13

    I am a ninja. I also like turtles so that makes me a ninjaturtle. I also like baseball and the Newyork Yankees

  373. ninjaturtle4213 — "Ninja, Nin, Turtle" Age: 13

  374. nixtape — "Nick, Nixtape, L0WL" Age: 17

  375. notsofamous — "Richy" Age: 15

    I like gaming and I'm super lazy if I don't have my music.

  376. okasashinobi — "OkasaShinobi" Age:

    I am a mysterious shinobi. I am one of the last of my clan. my heart is powered by redstone. I carry a katana and redstone torches.

  377. olivia2013 — "Liv or Livie" Age: 13

    I am the youngest sister of Jordyn2012 and Usako0214, my mom is Goatlady05 and my dad is Lonestar2013, my brother in-law is Primordalwolf001. I enjoy playing with my whole family on DHMC. Darkhelmet is the ONLY server we play on together. I've been with DHMC for 2 and 1/2 years now, I have enjoyed the WHOLE time I've been with DH.

  378. ollie2000 — "Ollie" Age: 18

  379. olsandan — "Ols/ Oliver" Age:

  380. omgspeedracer — "speed" Age: 16

    I used to be shy now if you talk to me ill talk back and if you need help ill offer you help. I am happy a lot. I am kind. if I get to know you I will be your best friend.

  381. omnomcraft — "Nay" Age:

    Im a girl gamer and love dhmc! I was on the original server and was devastated when the server shut down and left minecraft for a bit! hope i can soon again play dhmc!!

  382. onl1neg4m3r — "Max" Age: 15

    So...... creeeepppyyyy

  383. paavotuutti — "Paav" Age: Np


  384. palczynski — "Palc" Age: 13

    I'm 13 years old, so I love hanging out with friends and socializing. I love photography, and find myself quite good at it. If you wanna see some of it, just /mail me on the server and I'll give you a link or something to go check them out :)

  385. pandamanpete — "Panda" Age: 16

  386. pboy100 — "Pboy" Age: 15

    I am a person.

  387. peanutt1 — "peanut" Age: 14

    I LOVE dhmc

  388. penguinpower317 — "Penguin" Age: 13

  389. penguins727 — "Penguin" Age: 13

    Very much a MC fan, plays video games, you're regular nerd.

  390. peterkoala — "Peter / Koala" Age: 15

  391. pgkxnightmare — "PGK" Age: 15

    I'm one of the most easy going guys you will meet. I'm always up to chat about almost anything on Skype (username PGKxNIGHTMARE).

  392. pheonixtamer — "Pheo, Pheonix, Pheodore " Age: 15

    Well, I'm from South Korea and you can think of me as a normal guy. If by normal, you mean the best person on the world :3

  393. pillar_of_autumn — "Lazarus" Age: 15

    I love minecraft. been playing a little over a year. Use it for school all the time.

  394. pilotman996 — "pilot" Age: 18

    I am a E-6 Cadet Petty Officer 1st Class in the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (Naval youth education program for Americans ages 11-17 years old) which teaches me leadership, professionalism, and accountability with a focus on skill that can be used out in the fleet. I am also a president of a professional youth chorus (Boston Children's Chorus) that allows me to sing on a professional level and place myself in a leadership position.

  395. pinkpopcold — "Pink" Age:

  396. pixelron — "Pixel" Age:

  397. pjamoulii — "Pj" Age: 15

  398. polarluke2 — "Luke/polar" Age: 15

  399. porky110 — "porky" Age: 13

    First thing, on mcbans, it said I was banned for griefing. That wasn't me. I don't know why it says that. Anyways, I live in Florida, USA. I'm in 7th grade. Love Minecraft and I am happy to be part of this server! And colinawesome is not my alt, sometimes we have the same IP because we go over to each other's houses.

  400. premierevisions — "visions" Age:

    I am PremiereVisions. I like long walks on the beach.

  401. press45201 — "Press" Age: 12

  402. primsys — "Prim" Age:

  403. princessbbg — "Sarah" Age: 13

    I love Justin Bieber (I'm a belieber) and I love bright colors. I am in 8th grade, and LOVE minecraft, and also I love this server, probably the best I've played on!

  404. printer_unit — "PrinterUnit" Age: 20

  405. pumkinhed — "Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville" Age: 99

  406. purplehippo900 — "Purple" Age: 13

    Hai I'm Purple o/

  407. purplepenguin78 — "Purple" Age: 17

  408. qwertyopia — "Qwert" Age:

  409. rabjam123dude — "Rab" Age: 15

  410. rachaelriott — "Rachael" Age: 20

  411. rachel756 — "Rachel, Ray, RayRay, " Age: 13

    Well I'm a girl, an everyone who knows me, would know that I love animals, In minecraft and real life. I live In Canada. And for a future Job, I want to be a question mark. My birthday is March 21st. =D Princess Peach, Get me a Birthday Present.

  412. racistclown42 — "RC42" Age: 20

    I like building and just having fun. I fit in just about everywhere. When I was able to play dhmc it was the best and funest time in a server I'd ever experienced. I've been everything from a regular player to owner on servers. I used to code but retired when I lost my server.

  413. raffish002 — "Key (xKeybladeMasterx) Formerly, Raffish002" Age: 13

    What up Guys? I'm Key (xKeybladeMasterx) Formerly,. Raffish002, I like to play Minecraft (obviously), I Skate, I, play guitar, swim. :P My Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts :D

  414. ragnaroktheend — "coca (my last user name) or ragnarok" Age: 15

    Awesome and nice, did i say awesome?

  415. randox24 — "randox, Dennis, rando, rand, ran, etc." Age: 12

    Im a 12 year old drummer from the US, I love spaghetti :P and hate being called "Randy". Im in a band called [blank] with my friends.

  416. ricam27 — "Cam" Age: 13

    I am a very athletic kid. I play 3 sports, baseball, basketball, and golf. I love playing minecraft in my free time, and I seem to have a very devoted personality.

  417. rickyi2 — "rickyi2" Age: 14

    i love to play minecraft and hang out with friends.

  418. rob4162 — "Rob" Age: 15

    I am rachel756s brother if you didn't know.

  419. robertwebb38 — "Robert" Age:

  420. rochets — "rochets" Age: 16

  421. rocket1234567 — "Rocket1234567" Age: 17

    I'm a prity nice and kind person, who loves both minecraft and tekkit. I am also prity active and enjoy the game chess my spelling is not awesome but it's good anuff for people to understand. I just upgraded my computer... used to have a super bad possessor and a integrated graphics card (which is no graphics card) but now i got a I5 possessor 6 gigs of ram and 2 more from my graphics card. Id like to add i'm a redstone genus.

  422. rocketridah — "Rocket" Age: 34

    I'm a software engineer+system administrator/architect by trade. I enjoy programming and mining :D

  423. rolgamer — "Rol" Age: 13


  424. rookieblue22 — "rookie" Age: 15

    nice love the server

  425. rsleight — "rs" Age: 16

    I am a 16 year old from down under (australia) have a great passion for sports (rugby and basketball), I have had MC for 4 years now. I found out about mc through a friend. You can call me Rsl, Rs Rob, Sleight etc

  426. rubydeath5 — "Your Excellency" Age: 18

  427. runwolf10 — "Tobi" Age: 19

  428. rytru1 — "Rytru" Age: 14

    Video game programming and documenting, good at mc

  429. sablexn — "Sab, Sablexn, Jai...." Age: 16

    I am from the east coast of United States. Born in the west coast. Travel a lot but somewhat find a lot of time to spare. School is a pain right now.

  430. sadie141 — "Sadie" Age: 12

    I love soccer and I am very athletic. I like all sorts of food. Animals are my favorite things be around. Also, I am out going and friendly.

  431. sakuto29 — "sak" Age: 14

  432. saltyfurs — "Overlord Controller Ruler Queen Saltyfurs" Age: 11

    I'm a quiet person and avid minecrafter. (Okay, not as much anymore..) Reading, writing, cartooning, and of course gaming, are my absolute fav hobbies. I also love Pokémon and Warriors :3

  433. samb95 — "Sam I Am" Age: 18

    I'm cursed. This game is so amazing, and I have so many great ideas.... But I never have the time to fulfill them. If it were just a matter of building, I would be all over the place. However, there is the minor problem of gathering resources and altering terrain, and I just lose heart in the middle.

  434. sanddrew24 — "Andrew" Age: 16

    I'm a competitive swimmer...that's really all I'm willing to share

  435. scaryace — "Star" Age: 28

    Programmer / accountant with bachelors in computer science, minoring in simulation and game design. do most online web and accounting for a living. Love simulation games (like Sim City and Railroad Tycoon) a bit too much and thought it would make a good career, lol!

  436. scj643 — "scj643" Age: 15

  437. scmach — "Cpubugs`" Age: 35


  438. scourge2002 — "Scourge " Age: 12

    I'm nice unless you start bullying me or my sister (Squirrelflight01) I love DHMC! I am always ready to help someone

  439. screamsaver123 — "Scream" Age: 13

  440. scrubsftw — "Matt" Age: 15

    Well I love this server there is nothing else like it! I like playing Minecraft obviously lol and I love playing soccer!

  441. scumbagkoala — "Koala" Age: 17

    My names Daniel

  442. sh0ckwave75 — "shock" Age: 13

    hate dum people that start stuff like trying to make someone look bad

  443. shadeofdoom — "Shade" Age: NO


  444. shadowninja708 — "Shadow" Age: 48

    I am a computer nerd and love science and technology. My specs are: i7 4790k, GTx 770 Superclocked, and 16 GB DDR3 RAM. #PCMASTERRACE! Hail our lord and savior, GabeN.

  445. shadowtamerjon — "jon" Age: 14

    i like help other and i im hoping to be come a mod saw i working as hard as i can

  446. shaymin75 — "Shay, Zaldum" Age: 19

  447. shivedferret11 — "Ferret" Age: 16

    I am a legit minecraft player

  448. shockles — "Shock" Age:

  449. siddy99 — "Siddy" Age: 14

    I love... -MINECRAFT xD

  450. silasromero — "Sigon" Age: 12

    i love minecraft but i like this server too it is awesome

  451. silverstream12 — "Silver" Age:

  452. sir_carroll — ""Sir or Carroll"" Age: 16

  453. sixpack33cl — "six" Age: 39

  454. skelletet123 — "skelletet123" Age:

    I live in the region of Västernorrland in Sweden. I play basketball, videogames and trumpet in my free time.

  455. skydragon9018 — "skydragon" Age: 13

  456. skywarr2 — "bailey (BRB) for short" Age:

    i'm a aussie i'm epic

  457. slinkey8 — "Slink or Zak" Age: 16


  458. sliverwolf98 — "WolfSoul98" Age: 17


  459. slootygaga — "slotty, sloot, slooty, gaga." Age: 16

    Parkour is awesome.

  460. slow2life — "Slow" Age: 21

  461. slyskiller — "Sly" Age: 15

    I play water polo. I love drifting. Eat Sleep JDM. Don't be mad because I'm better than you. -Member of the Sablatamcginnleroo family of Buchser. ಠ_ಠ Ⓗⓞⓛⓨ ⓢⓟⓐⓒⓔ ⓒⓞⓦ! I ♥ Lady Gaga! Remember the 5th.

  462. smith5425 — "Smith" Age: 32

    I'm a builder. I love building the best stuff I can.

  463. smokinpotato — "Smokin" Age: 14

  464. snakeslick — "Theta, but snakeslick's fine" Age:

  465. sniperboss17 — "Germ" Age: 14

    I like sharing my opinion even if it might come against the rules. Its an opinion, what can you do about it? ban me?

  466. sonofapig409749 — "Son,Pig" Age: 15

  467. soul_surfer24 — "Soul" Age: hi

    I like bands...

  468. space_monkey10 — "alex" Age: 16

  469. spartancrafter0 — "Spartan" Age:

    I am just a Minecraft player who loves to have fun XD

  470. speckledmouse — "Speckled" Age: No

    Im a Speckled Mouse.

  471. spizadog — "Spiza" Age: 17

    I want to play on DHMC

  472. splendidocraft — "Splen" Age: 14

    I enjoy this server. Great group of people I've ever meet online :)

  473. spotter12 — "Sam" Age: 15

    I like to dance, compete, surf, ski and build things X3

  474. squidrew2 — "squid" Age: 12

    Uhh, I am 12. I can't say much about myself because I am awesome like that. :P Anyway, I am pretty decent at coding visual basics and c++. I am a n00b at Java and I WANT to learn from someon.

  475. squintern — "Squint" Age: 17

    DHMC veteran, I suppose. Minecrafter, SWTORer, RuneScaper (to an extent), and an avid TV show watcher.

  476. squirrelflight01 — "Squirrel or Darci" Age: 13

    I am a girl who loves to draw, write and on rare occasion animate! I enjoy playing minecraft, and especially this server! I'm mostly open minded, unless I feel I don't need to speak. I may seem hard to approach, but I honestly don't bite! You may see me online with my sister scourge2002, and you may see some of the builds we did together!

  477. staartvin — "Staartvin" Age: 15

    Well, I'm a regular gamer guy. I loving playing Minecraft. I'm the owner of Craft Me In. It's a smaller Minecraft Server. I also make bukkit plugins. AntiAddict, NoHitBack, FoundOres, Armor Control and SimpleRegister are just some of my plugins. Enough said!

  478. steelfight1999 — "Steel" Age: 14

    Just a fun player

  479. stefen2000 — "Stefen" Age: 13

    I live in the State of Virginia and I LOVE MINECRAFT. So ya minecraft

  480. stephenccs — "Steven" Age:

    I Joined DarkHelmet on a search for a good towny server. i really want to own a big town and be a well known figure in DHMC.

  481. stocksdale1234 — "Stocks" Age: 16

    I'm stocksdale... meow

  482. strauss8 — "Ze_Pheonix" Age: 15

    I'm just a "rebellious" teen just wanting to have my way. I can be a bit annoying, just putting it out there. I like playing war games; such as: World of Tanks, Wolfenstein, Battlefield, Dayz, and Warthunder. I also like playing strategy games like Civilization 5 and Europa Universalis 4. My steam account: LuckyPheonix.

  483. stuntman9630 — "Stunt" Age: 18

    Well, I'm a 18 year old from West Sussex, Southern England. After being back on MineCraft for a good few months, I'm glad I stuck with DHMC and am hoping to continue to support it, no matter what happens with the current issues!

  484. stuntz4life — "Jam" Age:

  485. sullix — "Sully" Age: 16

    Im just that good.

  486. super9blox — "Indicted" Age: 0

    I am banned on this server.

  487. superbob385 — "Super, marc" Age: 15

    I am Marc I like games.

  488. superkill53 — "Super or Luke" Age: 15

    i like the Beatles and i like Gary's mod and since I'm playing on a minecraft server you can tell i hate minecraft!

  489. superphace — "Super" Age: 16

  490. sydney2005 — "you can call me sydney or syd" Age: 15

    No i am not a girl. i was getting a credit card and my little sister changed my username

  491. tacovan — "taco " Age: 16

    I'm 16 years old, I skate, chill, and love playing minecraft. I joined this server November 31st, 2011, and it's been the only one I've ever understood or liked.

  492. tdogizlegit — "Tdogizlegit" Age: 18

  493. teetoo1 — "Tee" Age:

  494. tehskittlesz — "JP" Age: 17

    17 | Writer | Runner | Mischevious

  495. teh_fishman — "Nathan" Age: 18

  496. terashileongoken — "Terashi" Age: 30


  497. tf00104561 — "tf" Age:

    poor in any language, so i could be get zero marks in language subject. do not ask me. i can't understand all the meaning that will make a misunderstand. i like being alone. look like a cat. about the gender: are you a girl? are you a boy? i can only answer you : as you think.

  498. theboss4586 — "Panman or Boss" Age: 15

    I like music. In general, or specifically, I like metal, rap, indie, some popular songs. Most of the time i'm complete punk trash. lol. Gaming is also one of my loves in life.

  499. thecattrainer — "Cat or thecat " Age:

    I love horses and cats best but i like other animals as well. I love survival and like a good challenge

  500. thedonkeyyoutube — "the donkey" Age:

  501. theinventor10 — "inventor" Age: kd

  502. thejokerandquinn — "Seth" Age: 27

    Im a husband and father of 1 child. I like to play video games in my spare time as a gamer/ full time father. I'm a graphic designer that works from home drawing on about anything i can get my hands on along with designing things on my computer.

  503. thekidgamernl — "kiddo" Age:

  504. theminecraftsave — "TheMinecraftSave" Age:

    I love football, I love Minecraft, And I love DHMC

  505. thesupersmartguy — "SmartGuy" Age: 12

  506. the_wonder_guy — "Wonder" Age: 19

    I am a Admin on the server and I love to hang out and talk to you guys, also if any one wants to add me on steam my profile name is IAmAustin or The_Wonder_Guy_70.

  507. thing50 — "Thing" Age: 14

    I'm good with Redstone i guess... Happy to help you if i have time

  508. thirstiness — "Mike" Age: 99

    Yo. My name is Michael. I'm a chill guy with a good sense of humor that plays Minecraft. Holla at me if you need help.

  509. thomaswc123 — "Thom/Tommy" Age: 16

    I am a 16 year old boy from Denmark who loves spending time on minecraft, especially on DHMC. I started playing on DHMC in 2012 in oktober.

  510. thysam — "thysam" Age: 15

  511. tiklepikle — "tiklepikle" Age: 16

    What do i like to do? Play DHMC all day.

  512. tile124 — "Tile124" Age:

    I Live in Florida. Not Much to say here.

  513. timper21 — "Timper" Age: 16

    I am a male. Can't think of anything else.

  514. titan304 — "TeslaPulse" Age: 19

  515. toajoa — "toajoa or Brad (braddles if you really want to)" Age: 19

    I'm currently enrolled in Illinois Wesleyan University. I've lived more than half my life in Europe, but was born in Illinois. I'm boring. Yay

  516. toast200 — "Toast" Age:

  517. toby98661 — "tobsterr" Age: 16

  518. tomasisaboss — "Tomas" Age: 12

    My name is Tomas, i'm 12, live in Austin Texas, pretty much on my computer 24/7, and I play alot of video games ;D

  519. tonsile — "Tonsile" Age:

    Ello o/ I'm Tonsile, but you can call me Tonsile. ;D I'm a boy from Antwerp Belgium. You can consider me a cat instead of a human. I'm mostly very friendly and polite, but due to wrong word use I can appear to be rude or offensive. Just know that I do not mean it that way and you should not take this as a attack towards you. I love Building large structures and I'm pretty good at Redstone :3

  520. tonytool — "Antonio/Tony" Age: 17

    I am a high school student with a 4.0+ gpa and i have a passion for bass guitar. Computers is my job and how i make a living i do things from animating-building comps i love computers.

  521. tot22 — "you can call me Tot" Age: 13

    I'm perky and i alway stay happy and positive Im smart i like Cool builds and out doing my builds. Seeing other people builds makes me happy . i love pop music and playing outside.

  522. totallynotmath — "Math, John, or Nicky" Age: 15

    I'm in high school that's about it.

  523. totom56 — "Totom, tot, tom, ect." Age: 17

    I love videogames. I love cats.

  524. toxoid_49b — "Kyle" Age: 13

    Im kyle I was born In alaska, I live in michigan, and I know I play to much DHMC. Current playtime:49 hours will update playtime everytime I go on the website so about once a day. I have lots of freetime On mon-fri I will play 5+ hours and even more on the days I have no school. I wish I found dark helmet back in 2012.

  525. traka — "Traka" Age: 26

    Well, keeping it short, I'm an Italian guy, 26 years old, I studied System Administration. My family moved to Spain when I was 16, we lived there for 10 years, and 1st Dec 2011 we moved to Brazil, Where I'm actually working as a Support Engineer for Opentext.

  526. trophy_collected — "Sorry if i miss Judge" Age: 20

  527. trujefe — "Alex, Tru, TJ" Age: 18

    I was brought to this server by my good friend Shaymin after the previous server we were Admins on had been shutdown at first I found it odd that this server allowed flying but I enjoyed it, Now I am a LeadMod for Darkhelmet and sure proud of it I;m easy to get a long with so if you see me in-game don't hesitate to send a /msg or get my attention in Global chat I'm always here to help!

  528. trulife8342 — "Tru" Age: 22

  529. tsyrouk — "Tsyrouk" Age: 16

  530. txs_prime — "TxS, PRIME" Age: 15

  531. tyty67 — "Tyty" Age: 13

    Real life? Web safety, of course, but I'll say that I've had a 4.0 GPA all my life, and I love the "Legend of Zelda" series (currently on Majora's Mask for the Virtual Console on the Wii). I am a nerd, yes, but nerds are cool. Geeks are not. Minecraft? I'm a pretty good builder, almost "Amazing!" along with being a pretty decent monster hunter.

  532. tytylm99 — "Tyty" Age: 16

  533. tzwindz — "TZ" Age: 14

    Well when I play a game, I play hardcore, I like to analyse every bit of the game I play. If there is a mistake that I made that I can not fix, then I'am okay with it. But if there is a mistake that I made that I KNOW I can fix, then I will fix it no matter how long it takes.

  534. t_will — "Will" Age: 39

    School teacher.

  535. ultitechnoking — "James" Age: 15

  536. undead_shadow72 — "Undead" Age: 13

    I enjoy playing on the computer and the xbox version of minecraft, i love redstone machines and tekkit (Equivilant Exchange FTW!)

  537. usako0214 — "Princess Usako" Age: 26

    I'm the big sister of Jordyn2012 and Olivia2013, the daughter of Goatlady05 and Lonestar2013, and the wife of Primordalwolf001 And I'm also a huge Sailor Moon fan if you didn't already figure that out :D

  538. venmita — "V, Ven or Venmita" Age: -7

    Brace Yourselves

  539. victinistar — "Defiant" Age: 16

    I am an average-skill gamer, novice artist, and (by my teacher's standards) a great creative writer. I try to help as much as possible, and hope to gain respect from my peers, as well as my seniors/elders. I plan to stream once my summer break begins, although it may not go according to plan, so bear with me. Thanks for reading!

  540. viveleroi — "vive" Age: 31

    I run a programming contracting company (, LLC) and am the co-founder of a second programming company, Trellis Development. I primarily program applications for the web. I have a wife and two kids (one of which is old enough to play on this server).

  541. voborad — "zazzles vobo bobo" Age: 14

    Love games and I don't have a life perfect mix.

  542. v_gamer1262 — "gamer, v" Age: 14

    I think mudkip is to mainstream. i like charmanders :P

  543. waffle239 — "Ben and or Waffle239" Age: 15

    I like Minecraft. I'm Fifteen. Soon to be Eagle Scout.

  544. waffles098 — "Waffles" Age:

  545. wastedmidget — "wasted" Age:

  546. waterkrafter — "Water" Age: 10

    Well i get bullied sometimes i love video games i have no friends to hang out with so i go to minecraft!! :D i have a big sweet tooth i am a little dramatic sometimes i hate when people disclude me i love building redstoning pvp and much more i love to hng with my frineds in minecraft i would much rather be part of a winning team than a single person whos beast ect. i try to respect everyone and when im in an arguement i try to make the other guy look stupid XD

  547. wazzup2569 — "7187970166" Age: 15

  548. weels1566 — "Weels" Age: 14

    I am a 14 year old aussie just gaming for the fun if it. I founded the unoffical feed the beast wiki even if wikia won't allow us to fully move it.

  549. wildlion98 — " Lion" Age: 15

    I'm 15 and I now live in Idaho. I live with my dad and step mom.

  550. wildviper37 — "William Thomas" Age: 13

    Make music: Play basketball, tennis, and golf I am not a zombie

  551. will101799 — "Will" Age: 15

  552. willie098 — "will" Age: 15

  553. wisefruitfly — "wise" Age: 15

    I love minecraft and have been playing for about 3 years. I also like to play many sport and my favorite is baseball. I also like Halo, and 2K sports games.

  554. wnci997 — "wnci" Age:

  555. wolfire1 — "wolf" Age: 15

    everything has to be fun

  556. woodcrazy2000 — "wood" Age: 11


  557. worldfrog — "World" Age: 13

    I am 13 and live in Hoover, AL. I have a cat, a fish, and three frogs. I am a straight "A" student.

  558. wormwood99 — "Worm" Age: 15

  559. xantumorian — "Xantum or Riley" Age: 15

    I am 15 (16 in August) I have had Minecraft for 3+ years. I am really good with redstone i've built all kinds of things from, huge piston doors, TV's, Tic Tac Toe, Mob Farms, and alot more. Minecraft is my favorite game but I still love to play games like Half life, Portal, TF2, Civ 5, and much more. I also have a steam account which the username is Xantumorian.

  560. xclone84 — "Jordan" Age: 16

  561. xfox_neko_demonx — "XFox or Neko" Age: 16

    I'd really rather not. I don't belong here anymore. I'm nowhere near how you remember. That is, if you do even remember. Not planning to frequent the server. I just want to see how it's changed.

  562. xillus — "ming tao" Age: 18

    Im just a regular everyday normal guy

  563. xits_mex — "Its me" Age: 13

    I enjoy playing minecraft and i enjoy playing on dark helmet server and helping players on builds.

  564. xjuice — "juice" Age:

    Sup. i like helping out other people when they need it. always ready to lend a hand to new players

  565. xkeyblademasterx — "Key (xKeybladeMasterx) Formerly, Raffish002" Age: 14

    Hi There! I'm Key (xKeybladeMasterx), formerly Raff (Raffish002). I've been playing DarkHelmet for almost 2 years now! I enjoy playing this server, and I love the players & staff on this server.

  566. xkira — "Kira(Killer)" Age: 25

  567. xperiment117 — "117" Age: 17

    I am a student studying computer engineering. I am a gamer and Minecraft is addictive for me. I work great with teams and as the leader. I have great prowess in imagination and usually apply it liberally to Minecraft.

  568. xxgtasaxx — "Shaggy" Age: 18

    Will add more, but I love redstone.

  569. xyamumx — "YAMUM" Age: 18

  570. xzdakingzx — "Dak" Age: 14

    I was a Donator for the Server but got banned :/

  571. yanalan7 — "Alan" Age: 14

    I love mineccraft. I play tons of hockey and I think it's a really good sport. I am 14 and live in Canada.

  572. yeaitsme — "Yea" Age: 18

  573. yllom001 — "yllom" Age: 15

    Simply sitting here waiting till nason or bots finally fix my forums account rank...

  574. you5576 — "allahu" Age: 17

  575. yummy46119 — "Blake" Age: 16

    I like games a lot and enjoy messing about.

  576. zaldlum — "Zald, Zaldum, Or Zaldlum" Age: 19

    This is Shays alt, used for basicly random thing like making freinds with newer players, And not being some vet with 1k+ hours x3

  577. zanypigg — "zanypigg" Age: 17

  578. zephos14 — "Zeph, Z" Age: 16

    I've been with the DHMC server for over 2 years, and I've been playing minecraft for three. I've gone through so many servers that I lost count, but I keep coming back to DHMC. It's my favorite server, by far.

  579. znes6 — "Znes6" Age: 15

    I attend Briar Woods High School down in good old VA, I play Cross Country, Soccer, and Swimming for the school and am actively involved in my local community through scouting and various service projects. My father served as a Lt. Colonel in the US army and I have no doubt I'll be following his lead and attempting to recieve an active duty commision through USMA, in which I'll be applying in 2 years. Wish me luck! Minecraft is a principal form of relaxation for me in which I can drop the load of sports, school, and scouts (The 3 S's of doom...) for a short while. I've played on multiple epic MC servers, and I believe this is another great server.

  580. zombadger — "Zomb, Maus" Age: 30

    This child is my Savior, my reason to be. Underneath all my crashing waves shes safe in this sea. A lumbering Hulk aside a delicate flower- A gentle Leviathan of terrible power.

  581. zombiedominator — "Zombles" Age: 20

    I am a helpful person always love to be there when needed!

  582. zombiegoddess — "Maleena" Age: 18

  583. zyxwa2000 — "zyxwa2000" Age: 14