Towns are claimed areas of land that allow people pre-partitioned areas to build in. Towns offer protection - fire won't spread, people can't break your stuff without permission, and mobs can't enter the town boundaries unless enabled. (see the links at the bottom for commands) (You can substitute any command that starts with "/town <command>" with /t <command>") Find any towns to join with:

/town list

If you're Legendary or higher you may sell your beginner plots and venture off to create a new town. Starting a town costs $10,000 for the first 16x16 home block and $50 for each additional plot claimed. You may place all plots available for sale and post an announcement sign near spawn with the warp for your town. There is also a Daily Upkeep cost for a town of $5 which is triggered once in a 24 hour cycle.

Once you buy a plot, other users may not build or destroy on your plot. We will automatically release the plot if you have not signed in to the server in one month. Each town may collect taxes, has it's own spawn point, etc.

Joining A Town

Some towns may require invitation first. To check if towns are open to join with or without invitation, use

/town list

After each town listed, you may see a [open]. This means that you can join the town without an invitation from the mayor or an assistant. To join an [open] town (towns with [open] do not require invitation), use:

/town join [name]

If you have been invited to a town a dialogue will appear in your chat.

To join the town, use


To deny the request, use


Starting a Town

Find an area with a lot of open land. No existing buildings or plots should be near it. You need to leave plenty of room to grow. If you want, we can temporarily redirect all new players to your town so you can have residents.

It might be easiest to ask a lead mod to help you figure out where the chunk boundaries are. A mod with worldedit can find them much faster.

First, you need to leave the town you're in. This mean you're giving up any and all existing plots.

Warning: When you leave a town, you will lose access to your home and chests. Moderators will NOT help you move forgotten items.

Leave any existing town with:

/town leave

Start your town with:

/town new [townname]

Now you need to deposit some money into the town bank so that it can afford plots. The money in your town bank also pays for the daily upkeep of your town.

/town deposit [amt]

Then, walk around to a few neighboring 16x16 chunks and claim them:

/town claim

Before you may sell them, you need to set a price, and optionally, taxes:

/town set plotprice [amt] /town set plottax [amt]

Now, visit each plot you want to sell.

/plot fs

Take plots down that are for sale.

/plot nfs

That's it! To invite existing users to buy plots in your town, type:

/town add [username]

They will also need to leave any existing town.

If you want new users to buy plots in your town, we can make it their default for a day or two. Just ask botskonet (owner). You need to have some basic roads, the plots clearly marked, and trees in each plot (which lead mods may help you do).

The purchased money, and all taxes are put into your town bank account. You may use those funds to claim new land and grow, and you may withdraw some money for yourself.

Failure to pay the daily upkeep will cause your town to fall into ruin. When a town is in ruin is no longer a town. This means that your town no longer exist and your residents no longer belong to a town.

Use //chunk to select your current chunk (see video/wiki for explanation). If you have installed the client-side WorldEdit visualizer (I strongly recommend) you can easily see where the chunk is, and may add plots and plan roads/boundaries much better.

More Towny Help

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