The stock market is a powerful tool to make or lose a large amount of money. It has several stocks currently on dhmc, and many implemented functions. The stock market is currently open to all Trusted+ players.

How it works

In the DHMC stock market, players buy and sell shares for their favorite companies. Events affecting stock prices are announced in Global chat. Events will only happen on Monday-Friday 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM (Based on the US stock market). You may still purchase stocks after hours, the weekends, and on US holidays in which the stock market is closed for the day.

The general strategy is to buy when price is low, and sell when price is high. Stocks are based on the real stock market, so the only time you will be out of your money completely is if the business files for bankruptcy.

Command list

  • /sm list - Shows a list of all stocks, their price, and number of shares available for purchase.

  • /sm list mine - shows all stocks you own, the profit line for each if you sell, their current price, and the quantity you own.

  • /sm buy (stock) (amt) - Has you buy a certain stock at the current price. (for (stock) use REAL stock tickers. Any stock that is real is available

  • /sm sell (stock) (amt) - Sells a certain amount of stocks that belong to you. Shares are always sold so that the most profitable shares for a given stock will be sold first.


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