Laws of Darkhelmet

It all boils down to: No griefing EVER (even crops), no xray, clean language, be nice.

    1. Players will, at all times, act morally in regards to server rules, other players, and staff.
      1. Griefing is not allowed, in any form, in any location. Without evidence that you had the right to modify any player-owned structure, creation, land, crop, animal, or anything placed/modified by a player - it will be considered a grief.
      2. Player modifications involve anything that doesn't generate naturally with the Minecraft map terrain and must have been placed by a player.
      3. Theft, killing, lying, or harassing others is not allowed.
      4. You must not steal or attempt to cheat others out of items or money.
      5. Your actions must always be considered respectful towards others.
    2. Your account must be under your control at all times. Your account will be punished for any activity by any violation of these rules.
    3. Players will not take advantage of known flaws in the minecraft, bukkit, or plugin architecture.
    4. We consider known "side-effects" that are unintentional by Mojang as flaws that should not be exploited. This includes redstone/obsidian glitches, transparency problems inside blocks, etc.
    5. Players must immediately report to staff errors in server-run plugins that may lead to earning excessive money or allow a userto unfairly gain an advantage over others.
    6. Players may not communicate these flaws to others. Anyone caught taking advantage of an exploit, despite having been told about it, will also be punished.
    7. Machines built to expose or take advantage of item duplication glitches will be destroyed, in addition to standard punishments.
    8. Players may not use AFK excessively (logging in after afk kick to go afk again, using mods to automate afk, etc). This includes: Afk-fishing, Afk-mining and afk in general to rank up faster.
    9. Players must not use any client-side modification that gives them unique abilities compared to the vanilla client. Mods, texture packs, scripts, or plugins that expose the location of ores, natural underground structures, underground chests, and other players are specifically illegal - often known as XRAY.
    10. However, Fly mods and mini-map mods are allowed for Resp+. You may modify your fly speed but are not allowed to use any other features included with such mods.
    11. The staff withholds the right to ban any player, at his discretion, despite possibly not violating any rules, for simply being supremely annoying.
    12. DHMC reserves the right to remove any user from any service at any time for any reason
    13. We allow you to play on alternate ("alt") accounts, provided: you are not banned from DHMC, you are not trying to give your original account an advantage. We will not allow sharing playtime/rank with your alt, unless you completely switching.
    1. No cursing, no implied cursing. No trying to bypass the censor for bad words.
    2. No insulting, offensive, or intentionally troubling comments towards others.
    3. Anything that's commonly accepted as inappropriate for an eight-year-old is considered disrespectful.
    4. Frequent, or long sentences with all-uppercase characters are not allowed.
    5. Automated text-entry is not allowed.
    6. Statements that imply you are going to grief, or that you are going to encourage, participate, or be party to any griefing activity will be taken as an official announcement and involve parties will be banned.
    7. Statements that imply the intention of disrupting the services and operation of the server software, hardware and related systems will be taken as an official announcement and involved players will be banned from all services.
    8. Do not advertise other servers to our players. Privately communicating an ip to a small, select group of players is allowed.
    9. Communication rules also apply to in-game sign text, and creations. Creations must not contain offensive imagery or form words normally not allowed in chat.
    1. Staff must set an example for all players by following the rules.
    2. Staff must respond to all questions or calls for assistance as soon as they reasonably can.
    3. Staff may enact any accepted punishment on a player or staff member as long as they evidence to prove a violation.
    4. Staff members may ask Viveleroi for assistance obtaining log and other data, only after attempts to find the information have failed.
    5. Staff members may never use moderator-only permissions/tools for personal use. Anything which gives an advantage over others is for investigating, and resolving issues.
  1. MONEY
    1. Players should not ask in global for money. Repeat offenses will result in a warning.
    2. Players are in charge of their own money and shops. Players who lose money through buying/selling items, auctions, stocks, etc will not be reimbursed.
    3. Players who fail to pay any town taxes or other fees that may result in losing property will not be reimbursed.
    4. Town mayors and assistants should provide plots back to players for free if they recently lost the property and didn't intend to, and if the property has not yet been sold.
    5. Players may not run an excessive number of auctions in a short time period.
    6. Players must attempt to sell valuable items, or at least in valuable quantities, for reasonable dollar amounts.
    7. Players should allow everyone to bid in an auction and should not try to give bidding advantages to anyone.
    8. Players must be honest about an item being sold. Do not attempt to pass items off as something it's not, do not sell items that are clearly not worth the price you're asking - i.e. books must not be sold with deceitful content.
    9. In addition to a warning, staff may elect to refund or give items to the victim.
    1. DarkHelmet Minecraft refers to a series of Minecraft servers on, owned and operated by viveleroi, a nice guy.
    2. The following rules apply to ALL servers and services within this network, unless special exceptions are listed on this page.
    3. These rules are detailed but in reality represent simple common sense. The DHMC staff team has been amazingly efficient and consistent in enforcing these rules since we opened.
    4. Players who break these rules are at fault for not having read them. Links and summaries of these rules are posted on the DHMC lobby server, the main server spawn, and in your main world guidebook.
  2. Server: LOBBY
    1. The lobby server is a temporary gateway between different dhmc servers.
    2. Players should only have access to explore the limited lobby facility, and to use the server portals.
    3. No block/placement or other minecraft activity occurs here, except chat.
    4. When a server is down, but the lobby and proxy are online, players may be force-directed to the lobby until services are restored.
    5. Your behavior in the lobby will be monitored and may result in warnings or bans.
  3. Server: CREATIVE
    1. DHMC Creative server is limited to specific ranks, both standard and donor.
    2. Players may spawn items and play in creative mode.
    3. Players may not attempt to build anything offensive or inappropriate.
    4. Players will be banned for attempting to spawn/place excessive mobs or dangerous/entity blocks.
    5. Players must not touch or interfere with creations they don't own, even if unprotected.
    6. A ban from the creative server may result in a ban from all servers.
  4. Server: FTB
    1. You must request whitelisting on the FTB server after having made a donation of $5 or more.
    2. Your time on FTB is limited to one month per $5 donated and begins the date we record the donation.
    3. Your playtime will expire, and will not be extended after your duration ends.
    4. FTB is a very unstable, unofficial product. We cannot guarantee availability or when maps reset.
    5. There are no refunds, since we do not refund donations.
    1. Players must make a best-effort attempt to file auctions/orders efficiently. Order the quantity you need - do not attempt to break orders/auctions into smaller quantities to increase your order counts. Do not order items you do not need simply to give another player a higher order count. Auctions and orders should be reasonably priced. A reasonable price is one within the range of prices paid by player shops and Crafty's.
    2. The Crafty's prices are subject to change without notice.
    3. Crafty's will not issue refunds unless a reproducable plugin bug was the cause.
    4. Players must inform shop owners of pricing errors that could cause them to lose money. Only if that shop owner is aware of the pricing difference may you "abuse" the sale/purchase for profit.
    5. Other servers may use public plugins developed by the DHMC team. Public plugins are those listed on the website.
    1. The website is made available, and is created, modified, and managed by Viveleroi.
    2. Any player is free to use all portions of the website open to their rank level.
    3. The owner and moderators may decide to revoke website account access for any reason.
    4. Any activity that can be seen as griefing content on the wiki, forums, or gallery may resultin a ban from both the website, and possibly the server.
    5. If you sign up for the DHMC website you agree to the websites Terms of Use.

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