Residence is a tool that will allow you to protect any area of land (for a price) if you're not interested in joining a town. After setting up a residence your house/items will be protected from others. You may go further and prevent mobs or even players from entering - either by group or by playername.

Watch the video for a better visual, but you need to use the paper to mark two opposing corners of the area in need of protection. Then extend the selection to bedrock and sky:

/res select vert

Then create a name, and you'll be automatically charged a rate equal to the current price multiplied by the size of the region you're protecting:

/res create [name]

Residence commands after creation

To turn off things to everyone but you

/res set (resname) (flag) false

To give permission to everyone

/res set (resname) (flag) true

To give certain people permissions:

/res pset (resname) (user) (flag) true

To take permissions from certain people

/res pset (resname) (user) (flag) false


  • Build – Allows players to build in your residence.
  • Use – Allows players to use doors, levers, buttons, etc.
  • Move – Allows players to move in your residence.
  • Container – Allows players to use chests, hoppers, droppers, dispensers, and furnaces.
  • TP – Allows players to teleport to your residence.
  • Place – Allows players to place blocks.
  • Destroy – Allows players to destroy blocks.
  • Monsters – Allow or deny hostile mobs spawning in your residence.
  • Animals – Allow or deny passive or neutral mobs spawning in your residence.
  • TNT – Allow or deny TNT explosions in your residence.
  • Creeper – Allow or deny creeper explosions in your residence.
  • Ignite – Allow or deny flint and steel igniting on your residence.
  • Firespread – Allow or deny fire spread.
  • Bucket – Allow or deny bucket use.
  • (Lava/Water)Flow – Allow or deny liquid flow. Add "lava" or "water" behind "flow" to specify a liquid.
  • Hidden – Hide residence from /res list and /res listall commands.

More Residence Help

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