Get Started

Darkhelmet is a survival server with Towny, iConomy, a thriving player market, custom plugins, and the world-famous Crafty's. You may build in the wild or join a town. We welcome mature players of all ages!

Getting Started

There's a lot to learn about how we operate but there are only a few basic things you need to do to get started. Be sure to read the rules, and any signs you find at spawn. If you're going to build in the wild, you may simply head out and find a spot.

If you'd rather join a town, there are usually a few mayors online who can give you access to the town. Many even offer plots for free. Simply say hello and ask for a mayor. Gathering supplies may be done in the wild, but as you earn money you may even buy items from stores.


We try hard to make money truly mean something here. There are many ways to earn money:

  • Gather resources and sell to Crafty's (/sell) or the player shop (/sh).
  • Sell items to other players directly, they can pay you for items or services. Maybe help someone build or mine for an agreed-upon price.
  • Auction things (/auction).
  • Set up a store and sell items.
  • Building cool buildings in your town will attract more residents which increases the town worth.

What can you buy with money?

  • All items sold through Crafty's (/buy) and other shops (items, mobs, and more).
  • Create a town. It costs $10K ($10,000) to create a town.
  • Found a nation which allows you to join towns together.
  • Hire people to help mine/dig/build.
  • Order things (/order).
  • Check your available money with:


Pay a user:

/money pay [username] [amt]

Finding Land

You may build in the wild. This is less safe because you're not protected from mobs and there's less protection from players. We will rollback and investigate ALL griefing and will not ignore you if you build in the wild but we do not recommend it. We recommend that you protect your builds with Residence (/res).

There are MANY towns you may choose from if you're not ready/interested in creating your own. Towns are protected from mobs (they may not enter), item use and damage by other players, firespread, etc. However, plots usually cost money to purchase and some towns charge small taxes automatically to keep your plot.

Ask someone if you may join their town. There's almost always a town mayor online. They will invite you to the town.

Towns will be covered in better detail soon.

Crafty's / Shops

You buy/sell items from Crafty's. It used to be a shop that bought/sold every single item, and it may once again become that - but for now it's focused on a simpler, smaller server feel. Visit Crafty's and left-click the signs for the item you want to sell, and right-click to buy.

/warp craftys

Or, buy items from the player market:

/sh (optional part of object name)

Set a home with:


To set multiple homes, specify the name of the home:

/sethome <name>

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