Craftys is a plugin written by Viveleroi, which provides many interesting features to DarkHelmet.

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  • Price (price list at
  • Accounts
  • Auctions / Bidding
  • Orders

In Game Commands For Shopping:

  • /buy (animal)

Crafty's sells five mobs of each type per day per player. Exept for enderdragons, where the player can only buy 1 per day per player.

  • /auction this (price) - Starts an auction and will tell people how to bid

  • /auction end [id] - Ends the auction

  • /auction cancel [id] - Cancels the auction and gives your item back

  • /bounty - Check your bounty

  • /bounty (player name) - Checks another person's bounty

Auction / Bidding Commands

  • /auction this (start price) - Begins auction with held item for starting price.

  • /auction these (quant) (start price) - Begins auction with specified quantity for starting price

  • /auction list - Lists all open auctions.

  • /auction end- To end your current auction.

Order Commands

  • /order [quant] [item] [price] - Order [quant] items for payment of [price]

  • /order cancel [id] - Cancel an order that has no delivery

  • /order deliver [id] - Deliver items requested by an order.

  • /order claim [id] - Claim delivered items if you were offline

  • /order list - List of all unfulfilled orders

Player Market

Selling Items

First, you must hold an item that you wish to sell. You must at least provide a price:

/shop sell (price)

The item will be added to your virtual market.

If you've previously sold this type of item, the new price provided will replace the old.

Adding Stock

To add items in your inventory to your virtual market stock, hold one of the items and run:

/shop restock [quantity]

Leaving out the quantity will only add one item. If you've specified a quantity, that number of matching items will be removed from your inventory and added to your virtual stock.



Run /shop to view a list of all items available, from cheapest to most expensive. Use /shop (keyword) to search for items with names including the keyword. For example: /shop diamond will show diamonds, blocks, tools, armor, etc. Or /shop eff will show all items containing an efficiency enchantment.

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To buy an item, left-click the item stack to buy the entire stack, or right-click to buy only one.

The item will be delivered to your inventory. If you have no room, it will go to your ItemMailbox.

Manage Stock

View all of your items with /shop mine

View all of your items that are out of stock with /shop empty

Sign Shops

You can set up sign shops that sell from your /shop stock.

Firstly, you will need to have the item you want to sell in /shop.

Then, place a sign with the following text:

Line 1: sku (sku of item in /shop)

Line 2: (quantity)

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