Craftys is a plugin written by Viveleroi, which provides many interesting features to DarkHelmet.

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In Game Commands For Shopping:

  • /buy (animal)

Crafty's sells five mobs of each type per day per player. Exept for enderdragons, where the player can only buy 1 per day per player.

  • /auction this (price) - Starts an auction and will tell people how to bid

  • /auction end [id] - Ends the auction

  • /auction cancel [id] - Cancels the auction and gives your item back

  • /bounty - Check your bounty

  • /bounty (player name) - Checks another person's bounty

Account Commands

Accounts are currently disabled.

  • /acc (open) (acct) - Open a new account

  • /acc (deposit/withdraw) (acct) (amt) - Deposit or Withdraw to/from an account.

  • /acc (add/remove) (acct) (player) - Add/Remove players to/from an account.

  • /acc bal (acct) - Check the balance of an account.

  • /acc use (acct) - Swap your balance with an account.

  • /acc users (acct) - Show the users in an account.

  • /acc close (acct) - Close an account.

  • /acc list - List all your accounts.

  • /deposit (account) (amt) - Deposit to an account.

  • /withdraw (account) (amt) - Withdraw form an account

Auction / Bidding Commands

  • /auction this (start price) - Begins auction with held item for starting price.

  • /auction these (quant) (start price) - Begins auction with specified quantity for starting price

  • /auction list - Lists all open auctions.

  • /auction end- To end your current auction.

Order Commands

  • /order [quant] [item] [price] - Order [quant] items for payment of [price]

  • /order cancel [id] - Cancel an order that has no delivery

  • /order deliver [id] - Deliver items requested by an order.

  • /order claim [id] - Claim delivered items if you were offline

  • /order list - List of all unfulfilled orders

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