View selected photos from our five-year history.

A community...

DarkHelmet Minecraft (DHMC) was more than a server, it was a community. We met 28,952 unique players during our run from July 27, 2011 to May 31, 2016.

Players of all ages and from all continents joined DHMC because it was welcoming, family-friendly, and fair. We worked hard to make it everything we hated about our competition.

DHMC was a survival-focused economy server, with some creative, pvp, arena, and mod pack servers on the side. Famous for Crafty's, a custom economy plugin which offered an incredible admin shop, auctions, orders, virtual player shops, and more.

Instead of using a pay-to-win model like many other server, we promoted based on playtime and in-game goals. Everyone had an equal opportunity to become Trusted, Respected, Legendary, Mythical, and finally Eternal (or staff).

We spent 494,256.10 hours, or 57.54 years playing together, excluding secondary servers and early months which weren't tracked.

We had our fair share of trouble-makers. Our very first player on launch day tried to blow up a town and we've banned at least 5,091 players since.

I've met so many unique individuals, many I've since lost contact with. Parents and their children, retirees who enjoy the game on their own, kids who started here as high school freshmans and are now in college, graduates who are now working full-time, and of course all the teenagers, pre-teens, and children.

Megaloco was our first donor and he encouraged me to accept donations. Since then donations have very nearly covered 100% of our costs.

Some Specifics...

I can't name off the thousands of people I now recognize by name but a few are important to list here specifically. It's inevitable that I've forgotten someone, sorry about that.

Most importantly, our admins. They've been my in-game counterparts and have led the community brilliantly and have shown the maturity, trust, and great personality needed. They're all now nothing less than great friends of mine.

Ollie, nason, quiet, icky, d0lly, Wolfire, YeaItsMe, mafoan, The_Wonder_Guy, napalm, Natman, rocketshockey, Aiden, Jordyn, Megaloco, and 00benallen.

I know we've had plenty more who left us for better things, so if I've left you off, let me know.

Our staff, Eternal, Mythical, and Legendary players also helped shape the community. There are far too many to list but here are some who really proved essential to DHMC:

StuntMan, t_will, KitKat, goatlady, Olivia2013, Mikescandy, Palc, Monk3y, xYAMUMx, tacovan, Kappa, Monkeybutt, kithsom, 8bitJoe, Exziooo, BuildingBlake11, Dom_Pebehka, RocketRidah, yllom, drfizzman, shaymin, racistclown, Vortex, cherryblossom, scoincle, PGKxNIGHTMARE, evilcookie, xillus, viiwee, rsleight, runwolf, Chemoduck, ak2846, Teh_Fishman, Anime_Freak_Man, afkimble, EagleBros, axel_evert, rachel756, saltyfurs, Tonsile, mcfspark, randox, orangebuffalo, minecraftrogue, sishi, KPCOOL9, chickenbuttz, Dodo_Jodod, Ladzboy, Delta, daniel_obrien, WastedMidget, PheonixTamer, venmita, ScumBagKoala, 88888bob, lincroft, Mason, Chemoduck, SteveKrass, pointlessman... and the thousands of you I don't have room to list.

A handful of our players also contributed to technical projects. I've spent countless hours educating several future-engineers and I can't wait to see where it takes them.

What Now?

Our IRC channels remain open (irc.esper.net, #dhmc_us). Anyone and everyone is welcome to stop by and chat. Talk to an admin if you'd like to arrange contact info exchanges.

Every now and then we'll put up a mod pack server and we may invite anyone who's interested to play, so dropping by IRC is a good way to know.

Friend vive on Steam or Playstation: botsko


Why did you shut down DHMC?

It was time. Early on, I really enjoyed the game and it wasn't long before I had my own little community, ever-growing those first few months and peaking with 500 players a day in 2012. I slowly stopped playing, and soon found that we had Legendary-rank members who had never seen me online. The Bukkit legal problems, lack of vision by Mojang, and a general change in the gaming community killed any motivation I had left.

Was it because of Sponge?

No. Sponge is immeseaurably better than Bukkit/Spigot and I wish I had been able to develop against it since the beginning. Bukkit's legal drama severely dropped our player count, and that didn't help us, but ultimately neither impacted my waning enjoyment of the game itself.

Will you ever start it again?

No. Vanilla doesn't interest me anymore and I don't play modpacks enough to warrant running a public server. A private server for friends and family, but nothing more.

Will you allow us to make a new "DHMC"?

Sure, but not with our private assets. Many players have already asked if they can make a server themselves so I bet there are several already going. While I will not be releasing the domain name or any of our private assets (websites, servers, worlds, plugins, etc) - I'm flattered you all enjoyed DHMC so much you want to attempt to recreate it.

You're welcome to make a server and any of our public plugins are available to you. If you get something fun going, send me the address and maybe I'll come check it out.

What happens with it all?

I've always kept archives and will never delete anything. Our worlds, old servers, thousands of pictures of screenshots, and even 4.5 years of server logs. I'll make worlds available for download (mainly the two most recent ones) and will try to publish a selection of photos. If you need something specific or have questions, ask on IRC!

Are you supporting plugins still?

Mostly. I will not support any spigot-based plugins but I will accept a PR if you make one. I will try my best to support Sponge-based plugins because they'll be useful to me for private servers.

Was it worth doing?

Yes. Mainly because of how many awesome people I got to talk to and play with. Some of you left the server with new friends, some of you grew up or went through rough times here, and some of you were inspired by older players to take a new direction in life. The expected teenage drama, problems and attacks, and tedious bits are easily forgotten.